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Idaho Dental Plan Benefits

$8.95 Benefits for the entire Family
$6.95 Benefits for an Individual


Select the dental plan that's best for you. Coverage is available for everyone and no one is turned down. No more hassles of waiting. Your coverage begins when you receive your member ID number, which is immediate after sign-up.

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$6.95 -- Individual Dental Plan

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Save an average of $1,300.00 per year for a small family.



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Individual company-based dental insurance programs have all but disappeared in the last few years. This means that most Idaho residents have to pay the whole bill to meet their dental needs. They may be tempted to ignore dental problems because they think that they simply can not find extra money in their budgets. Somehow other things, like buying clothes for the kids, car repairs or a tank of gasoline always seem more urgent.  It’s easy to understand this thinking, but it could create serious problems.  We now know that ignored dental needs can lead to more than the loss of teeth; they can also cause catastrophic medical problems, like heart attacks and strokes. So, here’s the dilemma. Idaho has almost 3000 dentists, who are highly skilled and capable of meeting our state’s needs - but what good does that do people who can’t afford their charges? 

There is now a new dental benefit program that helps Idaho residents afford the dental services they want and need.  Dental Plan Benefits offers those who do not have dental insurance a way to receive the dental services at a cost they can manage. Through one of the largest network of dentists in the country people can begin to save substantially on dental services, just as soon as they enroll. Just check the list of dentists; you are likely to find one who is English or Spanish-speaking and comfortably within your reach. There are no waiting periods for any dental services and no limits to how many or how much service you receive in a year.  You save on almost every dental procedure, from routine examinations and teeth cleaning to root canals and dental implants. There simply is no limit on how much money you can save.

Enrolling is easy – you can do it in a couple of minutes. First, click on the plan that you prefer; then, complete the enrollment information and finally, choose plan between a credit card and a bank draft. Your cost is only $6.95 for an individual or $8.95 for the entire family. You will receive your I.D. cards through the mail quickly, and your savings are ready to start.